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Finance & Risk

From financial regulators to major banks, the financial world (amongst others) is rapidly digitizing. This digitization process offers many possibilities: at the touch of a button everyone can now trade in shares or invest in cryptocurrencies. However, these advantages also present new challenges.

Een bitcoin afgebeeld als een chip op een circuitb

A changing world…

…requires creative solutions! How about a digital escape room? Or animations that take you step by step through the latest financial legislations? By thinking outside the box, we bring complex financial matters to life and give it that little bit of extra spark. This way we can clarify the most complex matters such as IDD, MiFiD, and risk management.

Case is key

The information in the financial world is evolving quickly. This means that employees must be able to grow alongside all the new developments. ‘Case is key’ also applies to training courses on financial subjects. Participants learn to apply their newly acquired knowledge directly to challenging cases. As a result, they will be able to enter the workplace well-prepared. That is the power of digitization: gaining new knowledge through innovative formats.