ASM Compliance

Business Code

The values of ASM are being implemented into the new Code of Business Conduct. This Code describes how employees behave in line with the values of ASM. And of course, it is completely okay to ask for some help concerning this matter…

Mock-up van ASM training bij start en een mock-up van de training waarbij twee modules zijn voltooid.
Een quote van Barack Obama: “You have to see the world as it is to pursue the world how it ought to be.”

Every quarter

In the first module, we focus on raising awareness for the Code. We explain why it is important, what topics are covered, and how to apply the Code to your work so that you are doing the right thing.

We roll out a new module every quarter, sometimes designed for everyone and sometimes for a specific target group. These modules are specifically aimed at a section of the Code.

This learning campaign keeps the topic alive as repetition is the key to mastery.

Een overzicht van alle video’s en documenten uit de training van de code of business conduct van ASM.


The content of the modules is always different, but we do always apply the following basic educational principles:

Relevance: The content and examples are relevant and recognizable to the target group.

Visual & Interactive: The modules are visually appealing and actively involve the users with the content.

Inspiring and inviting: Employees are involved and addressed in a different way and on different levels of learning and communication.

Modular: The technology is set up in such a way that we can easily expand and adapt. In other words, completely future proof!

Een iPhone met daarop het startscherm van de ASM training in het Koreaans.

You learn best...

…in your own language. This means that all the modules in our learning campaigns are translated into Korean, Chinese and Japanese, among other languages.

ASM’s ambition: To make compliances tangible and discussable within different cultures.
RMMBR has helped to realize this ambition.

Roland Notermans