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Our vision

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We know everything there is to know about digital learning; we understand how people learn and work nowadays. We know our educational and instructional classics and we know how to get the best out of tech & tools. And if it’s not available yet, we develop it ourselves; completely customized for our customer.
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RMMBR brings a unique set of skills to the table with which we can create, design, write, develop, deliver, and measure any digital or blended learning solution.


Strategy & Concept

The field of learning technology can feel like a complex maze our experts can advise you on how to get through and come up with creative solutions.

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Content & Didactics

Our script writers, learning specialists, they don’t get scared when the content gets complex, abstract or big.

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Design & Development

These specialists make sure we actually realise our concepts and that it looks perfect.

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Project directors

We don’t call them project managers since that would fall short. We refer to them as directors.

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Our strength is teamwork

In the end it’s all about the right mix of people and expertise that makes a successful project. 

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Implementation & support

Often forgotten but one of the most important expertise when it comes to the success of your learning solution. 

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All expertise under one roof.

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We can’t do everything on our own. Therefore, we work together with specialist partners for i.e. video production, software development, translations, and hosting. We are always transparent about this towards our clients and our partners. Sometimes clients want us to work with a specific supplier of theirs; no problem at all.