ING Onboarding

Destination Orange

Destination Orange is the onboarding program for all new ING employees in Belgium and the Netherlands.
This program takes all new employees on a complete journey during the first 4 weeks of their employment at ING.

Sterren hemel met iconen van een pad die je bewandeld van jou,

Do your thing

The goal of the program is to make new employees feel welcome, to get to know ING, to build an internal network, and to feel and take the necessary space ‘to do their thing’.

We take you on a journey: We share and explain the bigger picture and help you to translate that back to yourself. How does ING fit into your journey and vice versa?

Watch the trailer below

Een mock-up afbeelding van de Destination Orange e-learning.

4 weeks

The 4 weeks are filled with a variety of learning interventions. From the kick-off on day 1, together with a time capsule, through games, daily quizzes, videos, (interactive) animations, assignments, and e-learning in weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4, to the final moment which includes a pitch for the Lions’ Den.

The red thread

The red thread challenge runs through the 4 weeks to help you to reflect, to discover your ambitions, and to expand your network.

De melkweg boven een schim van een berg. Op de afbeelding staat de tekst “Ready to start your journey? Welcome to Destination Orange.”.
Mock-up van de online excape room van Destination Orange.

Online escape room

To ensure the kickoff is a very cool and social first experience (also during Corona), we created an online escape room. Escape with your new colleagues while time is ticking away…