Implementation & support

Often forgotten, but one of the most important areas of expertise to make a learning solution succeed. These experts can devise and create multi-channel campaigns to motivate users. Do you want any adjustments or launch extensions to create more impact? Then let our experts review your digital learning platforms, tools, and systems to see where the most opportunities lie.
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Sustainable & impactful!

Your learning solution can be beautiful, well executed, and BOLD, but that often doesn’t get you there. Our Implementation and support specialists do not only assist you with the practical side of the launch but can also think along with you on how to reach, motivate and activate your target group.

Think of finding the right ambassadors within your organization. Creating campaigns, with or without an incentive, and to optimally connect “learning” with work.

The use of data to improve learning solutions is also something that these versatile specialists have completely mastered. Especially with the goal to combine performance data and learning data, because then we will be able to really find out whether the solutions work or not.

In practical terms, these specialists also provide support for our clients, implement updates, act as a helpdesk for users and coordinate blended processes.

Ultimately, it is all about ensuring that the developed learning solution is sustainable and impactful!

Behind every successful learning solution there is an implementation & support specialist from RMMBR.

Kirsten Brandt

Strategy & Concept

The field of learning technology can feel like a complex maze our experts can advise you on how to get through and come up with creative solutions.

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Content & Didactics

Our script writers, learning specialists, they don’t get scared when the content gets complex, abstract or big.

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Design & Development

These specialists make sure we actually realise our concepts and that it looks perfect.

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Project directors

We don’t call them project managers since that would fall short. We refer to them as directors.

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Our strength is teamwork

In the end it’s all about the right mix of people and expertise that makes a successful project. 

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