Content & Didactics

Our content heroes, learning specialists, our heroes who do not shy away from abstract or complex content. To delve into, to research, and to structure content is what makes our heroes happy (and so do we). And on top, they are capable of perfectly translating their findings into an activating and interactive learning solution with the right tone of voice of the target group. It’s truly envious!
Een persoon die woorden opschrijft in een notebook.

Content and Format in perfect balance!

Sometimes our learning specialists dive into piles of content, and sometimes into people’s heads to make a subject their own. This can really be any subject, just take a look at our theme page

First of all, they structure the content, draw up learning objectives and determine in which form the content can best be transferred to the target group. Getting to know the target audience is an important part of this process. In order to write a good script, we must be able to translate a structure with relevant learning objectives into relevant content and interventions that match the perception of the target group.

Besides that, our experts also balance…

Between writing & scraping.

Between easy & challenging.

Between informative & interactive.

Between alternating & repeating. Our heroes in balance!

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.


Strategy & Concept

The field of learning technology can feel like a complex maze our experts can advise you on how to get through and come up with creative solutions.

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Project directors

We don’t call them project managers since that would fall short. We refer to them as directors.

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Design & Development

These specialists make sure we actually realise our concepts and that it looks perfect.

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Our strength is teamwork

In the end it’s all about the right mix of people and expertise that makes a successful project. 

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Implementation & support

Often forgotten but one of the most important expertise when it comes to the success of your learning solution. 

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