Our strength is teamwork

It’s a well-known cliché but 1 plus 1 equals 3…

At the end of the day, it is the right mix of people that makes every project a success. Knowledge and understanding of the other specialties are an absolute must for us. To feel empowered, working while using your strengths and being at your best. If everyone does that, you’ll always get the best results!

De voetballer Messi die met zijn vingers de lucht in de lucht als vorm van dank.

What's your left foot?

Working while using your strengths. What gives you energy? What are you exceptional at? If everyone in your team knows their talent and knows how to apply it, you’ll become unstoppable.

If you have a strong left leg, you can spend all your training hours improving your right leg, but you could also focus on improving the skills that you are already good at. Besides, if your team also knows your weaknesses, they will be better able to use your powers.

You can only work from your strengths if you also know your weaknesses. If you know your weaknesses and those of your team members, you will learn what areas of expertise need more attention than others. As a team you can then find fitting solutions to each other’s weaknesses. This makes the team stronger and consequently the end result!

At RMMBR we don’t have a function, we have roles. Everyone is different, sometimes an overlap is found, and sometimes not. At RMMBR we have specialist teams of experts, each in his or her own field. We believe that teamwork makes the dream work.

Putting  your  strengths to work!

Marcus Buckingham

Strategy & Concept

The field of learning technology can feel like a complex maze our experts can advise you on how to get through and come up with creative solutions.

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Content & Didactics

Our script writers, learning specialists, they don’t get scared when the content gets complex, abstract or big.

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Design & Development

These specialists make sure we actually realise our concepts and that it looks perfect.

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Project directors

We don’t call them project managers since that would fall short. We refer to them as directors.

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Implementation & support

Often forgotten but one of the most important expertise when it comes to the success of your learning solution. 

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