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Customer Support

Having to stop your car because of a flat tire means you will have to call the roadside assistance. Have you ever wondered what processes are initiated on the other end of the line during or after your call? Customer support employees must be able to go through a lot of complex processes and quickly find and process all the information.


Let’s dive deeper

Customer support is performed by real people: it’s diverse, and challenging. It all starts with a customer question: You need to recognize the question, categorize it, and set it out. During the customer conversation you need to know what to leave out, what to ask, and how to ask it. This takes a lot of repetition and practice which an online environment can offer. You can walk through everything at your own pace, and you can practice multiple times with cases that you find difficult.



Customer support also takes place in the online environment these days: chats, e-mails, custom-made apps, you name it. New possibilities also require new skill sets, and where better to acquire these new skills than in an online learning environment? Easily practice with recorded customer conversations, watch screen recordings of service programs, and dive into challenging questions about how you can best help a specific client via a chatbot.

“Customer service is no longer seen as a Cost Center, but as a Value Center instead”

Laura Donders
Laura Donders van Adidas die zit op een bank en lachend schuin naar links wegkijkt,

Customer support ambassador

People naturally associate customer service mainly with ‘I have a problem and that problem needs to be solved’. And of course, people can also contact the department with that approach. But there is so much more to it… By emphasizing the customer experience and by teaching the support staff how to give these clients the feeling that they are heard, how to offer them that little bit of extra service, and how to think commercially.

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