Nationale-Nederlanden Salesforce training

Working with Salesforce

The goal of Nationale Nederlanden (NN) for 2019: to improve the classroom Salesforce training courses. RMMBR therefore set up an online training together with NN in which the existing classroom sessions were completely replaced by an online application training. A training in which every employee had to practice the topics he/she still found difficult.

A clear goal

With the online training, employees learned about the importance of correctly using Salesforce, they learned how Salesforce works, and they were able to go through all processes in a uniform manner.

All this is done based on the scaffolding principle: by first showing how to solve the problem, then taking a step back and only providing support when necessary.

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See, check, act

The scaffolding principle has been divided over 3 steps: See, Check, and Act. During See, instructional videos show employees how something works. During Check, employees go through various Salesforce tasks within a simulation (including instructions or hints). During Act, employees perform tasks completely independent in a simulated Salesforce environment. All based on relevant and realistic work situations.

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Support whenever needed

In addition to e-learning, all instructional videos are also included in Salesforce. These videos can easily be retrieved and displayed when at work. Think of it as performance support, just in case.

Are there employees within your organization who also need Salesforce training? Contact us for a solution.

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