Philips Partner Learning Hub


Philips already offers its partners a lot of support and tools. So how can we ensure that partners know what tools are relevant, when they are relevant, and if there is enough motivation to use the tools in order to grow and improve in knowledge and in performance?

That’s exactly what Power Up does!

Voorbeeld van score dashboard van Power-up Philips e-learning.

Gamification and adoption

As there are many tools already available, what is the added value of a Partner Learning Hub?

We offer a sales enablement platform. We motivate with the use of gamification, campaigns, and other types of interventions. With the goal of correctly using available resources, giving performance support for a direct application in the workplace, and increasing the usage frequency and adoption.

So let’s Power Up!

Startscherm van de Power-up training voor Philips.

Our solution

We offer an LXP in which we allow users:

  • To learn through learning paths about product groups. These learning paths consist of short essentials that offer content according to the 5 moments of need. Would you like to know more? Then we would like to refer to some relevant sources within the Philips LMS or other internal systems
  • To read short articles (case studies, videos, expert blogs, news articles) about the latest products and newest features, to allow users to discover and stay up to date with the rapidly changing world of Philips
  • To trigger with various gamification elements such as dashboards, rankings, badges, trophies, point systems, and campaigns (Continue reading to learn more about this)!
Startscherm van de Power-up training voor Philips.

Sales Missions

In the LXP we can create Sales missions. Per region or worldwide.

It is a challenge to achieve your sales goals.

A campaign focuses on one specific sales goal, a target.

There is a goal, a deadline, and an incentive to become the winner. You will see your own progress and the progress of the others.

Do you want to obtain more points or unlock useful tools? This is made possible via sub goals. Sub goals contain relevant content, essential and learning paths. Through this method, we can stimulate learning in addition to the performance.

“I like it very much, it's a step up from what we are used to within Philips. It is incomparable to what we have right now...”​