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Software & Process

Are you going to work with a new HR system? Are your employees moving from locally storing physical documents to a shared document management system? Then as an organization you would like your employees to be able to work smoothly with this new system as quickly as possible and that it is definitely not an obstacle their daily work.
Technische apparaten bij elkaar gezet op een bureau met allemaal bedrading er doorheen lopend.

Keep information relevant

Extensive manuals can be useful, but mainly as a reference. When your employees start working with a new system, they are only looking for one thing: how do I use the system for my own tasks?

Effective systems training thus comes as close to real life cases when it answers the question: If I want to do task A, how should I proceed? You therefore approach the learning process in a practical way and not through the functionalities of the system.

Een foto van een persoon die een kind leert fietsen.

Just do it!

How do you learn a new action the fastest? Well, by just doing it. And by doing it again afterwards. This isn’t only applicable when it comes to riding a bike, but also when working with a new system.


With simulation formats, employees can practice performing actions ‘in the system’. They also receive immediate feedback on how they do this. For example, they will be shown the right place to click, or are reminded not to skip a certain action.

When they’ve practiced a few times and received feedback, it’s time to let them try it on their own. Without the proverbial training wheels. In a simulation test, the employee is then asked to perform an action within the system, but now without feedback. Has the goal been achieved? Then the employee is ready to be sent into the field.