Ampelmann Operator training

An online learning at sea

Ampelmann’s operators work and live at sea for a large portion of their time. They are responsible for successfully operating the bridge (Ampelmann). The bridge transports employees from the ship to a location at sea, such as an oil platform or windmill. Safety and expertise are of great importance. But how can you optimally reach these employees through a training?

The solution:

A flexible and scalable online learning environment created for a practice-oriented target group. A platform suitable for both desktop and tablet, anywhere in the world. Even at sea!

Online e-learning dashboard van Ampelmann.

Hightech Operator Training

The core of Ampelmann revolves around the Ampelmann system: a movement-compensating platform that allows people to easily, quickly, and safely cross from a ship to an offshore structure. Talking about high tech.

Ampelmann operators must always be aware of the highest safety requirements and operational standards. This practice-oriented target group does not want long theoretical lessons. This target group thrives best on hands-on learning, with practice-based (online) training. Preferably full of interaction and high-tech…

The learning environment that has been developed offers all of this and already starts during the recruitment and onboarding procedure.

Online simulator

What’s your favorite part of the training? If you’d ask us, the (immodest) answer would be easy: the online simulator!

How do you teach operators to operate a motion-compensating bridge most effectively? By having them operate a motion-compensating bridge! The online simulator gives the operators the opportunity to experience the operation of the bridge. By practicing the controls, they experience the importance of safety, while they are growing their skills.

One more game, shall we?