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DB Schenker DB Schenker Product Academy

The ultimate customer experience!

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In today’s global economy, transportation connects product and customer. The customer’s growing demand for an excellent experience challenges logistics to be far more than shipping a product from A to B.

DB Schenker is aware of the added value of great transport and has asked RMMBR to develop a training programme for their employees in customer service and sales. To deliver the ultimate Schenker

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Know your game

DB Schenker is the biggest logistics partner in Europe. The customer benefits from their large network and efficient services. DB Schenker’s range of products is always evolving. Keeping up-to-date with these changes is essential to guide a customer towards better service and sales. 


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Modular learning

Each e-learning topic has its own bite-sized module containing relevant information, examples suiting the learner’s day-to-day work, inspiring videos and challenging questions to help practice.

The modular design makes it very easy to expand the learning throughout Europe, adding new topics and languages.


“RMMBR helped us to step into a new way of learning. Across Europe we are now able to increase knowledge about our values, strengths and service offering with this new training.”

Arjen Grondsma
Head of Revenue & Product Management Benelux