A global onboarding was looking for a way to properly train their account managers worldwide. Using the same relevant information for everyone while keeping track of everyone’s personal growth. So it is not just about broadcasting information, but above all about working together, helping each other out, and getting started as fast as possible!

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It all starts with structure

When RMMBR started the job, every region in the world had its own way of onboarding. There was a large amount of information, a huge amount in fact. Documents, assignments, existing e-learning. Was all that information still accurate and did every new employee receive the same information? An important part of the project was the organization and structuring of all the information. What information is still really needed? And how do we present it in a good way, worldwide, while being accessible for everyone…


The solution: Learning, Challenges & Sources

The core of the platform is structuring and providing information, source material, and the transfer of (practical) knowledge. Each topic is presented separately in a clear menu. A warm welcome, system knowledge, product knowledge, and collaborations within These are just some examples of the topics the onboarder will find on the platform.

Each topic is then divided into three types of action: learning (e-learning), doing (challenges) and discovering (sources). Through this method, the new employee will not only find all information in one central place, but he or she will also immediately be able to start working with it.

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Together with a buddy

Working together is important during the onboarding at Every new employee will be assigned a buddy. A buddy with whom not only the progress of onboarding and the new knowledge can be discussed, but also to check how everything is going. A challenge will therefore in examples goes like this: You meet up with your buddy and you tell us how you are doing. What problems do you encounter, what do you find difficult, what do you like? Because let’s face it, a well-trained employee who doesn’t like what he’s doing won’t perform as expected.

Are you also looking for an onboarding that guarantees that your new employees will directly feel that they are in the right place? We are happy to help you.