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Sales improvement

A well-trained sales team is vital for a successful organization. After all, you obviously want to strengthen the position of your organization in the market. Successful salespeople often possess excellent social skills and are able to empathize with any potential relationship. However, that is simply not enough. The product portfolio is constantly changing in line with the customer’s wishes.

Soft skills

How do you approach a prospect? How do you convert a lead into a new order? How do you maintain relationships, or even better, how do you develop them? The ‘soft side’ of the profession also continues to develop. Every sales employee will have to find and develop his own style in this. Employees who start with this profession still have to master these soft skills. For employees with more experience, learning new or deepen existing skills also remains valuable.


Knowledge of products and services

To be able to serve new and existing customers effectively, in-depth knowledge of the product portfolio is indispensable. The customer expects to be well advised and is looking for a suitable solution that meets his or her specific requirements. By listening carefully to the customer’s wishes and by having the right product know-how ready, you can offer the customer exactly those products or services that add value.

Online learning is a suitable way to keep employees up to date about new products or changes in the product portfolio. Do not only provide information, but also let your employees practice with their new gained knowledge by means of concrete cases based on examples of questions of a customer. Also make sure to test product knowledge with quiz questions.

Een vrouw met een jas aan die naar haar telefoon kijkt terwijl een tram nadert in de achtergrond.

Flexible, easy to consume, and relevant

Sales employees often talk to many different clients in a short time span, during which they receive a lot of different questions. Moments to learn are scarce. Learning takes place in between and at different times, from home or office, and via laptop or mobile. The content must therefore be available in small, easy consumable blocks that can be run through in a short time and wherever or whenever the employee wants. A flexible solution with relevant content and optimized for a variety of different devices.

Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.

Seth Godin
Bestselling author

Unique question

  The sales employee must have well-trained soft skills as well as targeted product knowledge. That is what makes the learning question so unique for this target group. A blended learning program consisting of online and offline learning interventions can offer a great solution. By using classroom training in addition to e-learning, you will not only stimulate social learning but also the practical use of newly learned skills.