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WIAL (World Institute for Action Learning) is a fast-growing non-profit organization with expertise in the field of Action Learning. They train Certified Action Learning Coaches (CALCs) worldwide in small groups and in the field. An online platform has been launched to get the most out of the live training sessions. The platform provides lots of information, knowledge, and source materials.

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Action Learning

Action Learning is about improving organizations by identifying various pain points. What’s going wrong? What elements could be made more efficient? Through which changes could profit be made? Organizations work in small groups of four to eight people to find answers to these questions. The Action Learning Coach assists and guides them where needed.

The unique feature of this method? Information may only be gathered through questions. If a question hasn’t been asked, you aren’t allowed to answer or share it. An extra plus: during the sessions we work on the personal leadership qualities of all participants.

The coach has an important role and must be aware of the ins and outs of Action Learning in order to put it into practice. In addition to experience, this also requires a lot of theoretical knowledge.

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Practice makes perfect…

Practice makes perfect…

Action Learning is learned through practice. That is the very core of Action Learning. During the training to become a coach the focus is on experiencing, participating, leading, and assessing sessions. However, there is also a lot of theory needed to really understand Action Learning. Theory that took up a good part of the training time in the past.

There is another way to consume all the theory, right? But of course! By offering the theory via an attractive platform, in small manageable blocks and bundled in clear chapters. Theory that can be followed completely at your own pace before the start of the live sessions. This way all participants are well prepared with the necessary knowledge to start the sessions.

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Een blended solution

The solution we created for WIAL is, aside from the content, a standalone platform. A platform on which not only knowledge is offered, but also homework and reflection assignments. It is important to discover how you would use Action Learning and which personal leadership qualities you would like to develop. By reflecting on the theory beforehand, and by actively being involved, the theory offered by e-learning will stick way better. A short test in the end is offered to find out whether participants have mastered the theory. Did the participants pass the test? Then it’s time for the live sessions.

After following the live sessions, the “coaches-to-be” return to the platform. Here they will find the final mandatory assignment to obtain the certificate. Totally blended, like blended should be!

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A standalone platform

The platform has been developed as a web application to ensure that all “coaches-to-be” will have trouble-free access to all the content. A platform accessible for all devices, responsive and suitable for most browsers. Accessible from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an available internet connection.

The cherry on the cake: an intuitive and simple LCMS (Learning Content Management System) that allows a number of administrators to make small alterations in order to keep the content up to date.

Also looking for a blended learning solution? We are happy to help!

I just spent a few minutes to log on and go through the intro chapter and … wow ! This is by far exceeding what I had imagined ! Very sleek, professional and easy to navigate. Really really impressed. Great job to all.

President, WIAL