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Soft skills

Looking for a digital learning solution for soft skills? A question we often get asekd, and a challenge we enjoy to solve. We believe the best way is executed in combination with physical sessions through blended learning. Only then it’s possible to really influence behavior and work on your skills. However there are already a ton of digital possibilities.

Een geïllustreerde raket met uit de uitlaat allemaal soft skill woorden die worden getoond.

Explaining models step by step with the use of animations

Who doesn’t recognize them? The typical models on leadership, personal effectiveness, and communication. Just like the model on situational leadership of Hersey and Blanchard. You may have seen them at some point, but do you use them on a daily basis? It might help to get these models explained through clear steps via animations or illustrations. This way they are easier to remember and to apply.

Mock-up van de e-learning.

Grow through real experiences

Allow colleagues or supervisors to share their experiences. A manager describes that one task that she could perform so well herself and therefore preferred not to delegate. How did her team deal with that? How did this affect her workload? What skills has she learned? Just like at work, you learn the most from the experiences of others. You empathize as if you experienced it yourself. That’s the power of video examples in learning.

By making these videos interactive, people will start to think along. What would they have done in this situation? How will it end? They learn while the video plays.

Work together to solve an Online Escape Room.

How to solve a digital escape room with a group of 5 colleagues? The missions can only be solved by working together and by communicating. Now that’s teamwork! Of course it is the ultimate opportunity to practice and show your soft skills! At the end of the digital Escape Room, you reflect on the process, the cooperation, and the soft skills. We build online escape rooms focused on specific skills that you would like to develop with your team.

Blended programs

If you want to work together with a team on your vision, strategy, or soft skills for a longer period of time, then you can do that in a blended way. We created several training programs that combine creative sessions with an online platform. And even the sessions can be realized online, using a digital whiteboard, such as mural or miro, or old-school using paper canvases.

In blended solutions the digital platform should offer a fixed structure for the learning, the sessions, planned over a longer period of time. Every day or every week in example you can get digital assignments to prepare for the upcoming session. Or after each session you will be given assignments to reflect on what you have learned. The platform should also provide knowledge and theory about soft skills, it provides canvases and sends push messages with the assignments. In your dashboard you can track your progress for each of the soft skills. A good facilitator is a must to make sure that the sessions are guided in an inspiring way and that the learner experiences the blended program as a whole.