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Performance support

Work comfortably, wherever you are. Whether you work at home, in an office, or in the passenger seat of a Boeing 747: we help you to develop and get the most out of yourself. How do we achieve that? Well, through a combination of theory and practice. For you, but also for ourselves. Take a look!

Een vrouw die een kind aan het leren is te fietsen.


To learn directly from the practical needs of people in the workplace. That’s what performance support is all about. This is also called workplace learning, learning on the job. At RMMBR we refer back to the 70-20-10 model, which means that you learn about 70 percent of the skills and knowledge you acquire in the workplace, for example through instruction or by following an experienced colleague. 20 percent of your required knowledge consists of more complex matters; you socially learn this part mainly based on the feedback from others. The remaining 10 percent of your acquired knowledge/skills is acquired through formal training. And that’s where we come in: supplementing your practical knowledge with theoretical skills that help you get the most out of it.

De “5 moments of need™”

Well begun is half done: knowing how to offer a learning solution is step one. The next question, however, is when to offer such a solution. For this we use the “5 moments of need™” approach. We assume that there are five moments in which people are willing, and are able to learn:

  • When you learn something for the first time;
  • When you want to learn more of the same;
  • When you try to apply and/or remember something you’ve learned;
  • When something goes wrong;
  • When things change.

Together we will see how these 5 learning moments apply to you, so that we can effectively accommodate your learning needs.