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Cyber security

The world is increasingly becoming more online. 25 years ago, most people couldn’t imagine that the people of today would be able to do this much with their smartphones. Nowadays it is the most natural thing in the world to always have a phone at your disposal. To play your favorite music, to send money and have your food delivered.
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The digital society

Developments surrounding digitization follow at a rapid pace. Are you aware of what all this means for society? And what does it mean for your company or for you personally? Cyber​​security affects us all. Recognizing risks and to know how to secure your network environment, or that of your company, helps you to stay safe in the digital environment.

Stay digitally safe and aware

Cybersecurity covers a wide range of topics. Very practical stuff like securing your passwords, internet usage, and software updates. It gets more difficult once we start dealing with ethical issues surrounding data and algorithms, phising or privacy regulations. It is important to learn how to recognize hackers and know what to do if you cause or identify a data breach.

What better solution to learn about and perhaps adjust your online behavior than by means of online learning methods and interventions? With relevant cases and exercises, you will learn when to pay extra attention and what you can do yourself to be able to digitally work in a secure way.


Offline working methods can be a valuable addition to this, for example, by playing cybersecurity games or organizing a hackathon to work out new ideas that can immediately be implemented within the organization.

Cyber​​security is a shared responsibility.

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Why cybersecurity?

The internet seems like a free world. However, rules and regulations, as well as norms and values are needed to be able to treat each other well and to protect yourself and your company. Keep a grip on your online security and privacy. Become digitally resilient and prepared for the future. You can no longer go without digitization and therefore not without cybersecurity