Arcadis Expedition DNA

Arcadis digital transformation

Arcadis needs digitally skilled employees. Employees with a digital mindset who are able to see the challenges and possibilities that new technologies bring. But how do you get employees like that? By offering them the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills. Online, and face-to-face.
Voorbeeld van een vraag binnen de Arcadis online basistraining.

Online basistraining: Base Camp

Base Camp is the online part of Expedition DNA. A valuable learning experience with over 5 hours of content, aimed at making various digital subjects tangible. By using gamification (such as competitions, high scores, and bonus points) and a lot of interaction, complex digital developments are made tangible and personal. But why is digital transformation important for Arcadis? And what will this mean for an employee, now and in the future?

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Social learning

There is a lot of room for social learning to really make employees think, and to make personal relevance even greater.

“Tell colleagues your view on digitization and how you use it during your work. See how they react to that.” By asking open questions, the answers which are visible to everyone, and the possibility to respond to them, you can create relevant discussions. Tips and tricks are then shared. This is an accessible and easy way of learning.

Successful completion of this challenging but rewarding DNA program made everyone local Digital Ambassadors.

Tomas Buchal
Project Manager, Client Development Manager

On expedition

Base Camp is concluded with a certificate. A certificate of value. Not only is this your proof of aspiring to a digital mindset, but this certificate also gives you the privilege of applying for a spot on our expedition. 

Each expedition offers 75 employees the opportunity to further immerse themselves in a five-day digital transformation to become a “Digital Ambassador”. An important role to further promote the digital mindset within the organization. 

Expedition DNA is a very unique programme within our industry – it is really about bringing together and empowering the early adopters of digital, the first few waves of people who will transform our company.

Eliza Shaw
Global Digital Transformation Lead 2018