HEINEKEN Digital is Now

Global Digital Transformation

New technologies and digital solutions are being developed at lightning speed. This influences the behavior and expectations of consumers and clients. Although beer is not a digital product, the way HEINEKEN harvests, brews, markets, sells, distributes, and manages products is influenced by digital developments. You got to adjust to keep up. Because: Digital is Now.

HEINEKEN’s first learning for mobile

With that in mind, RMMBR and HEINEKEN Global IT Services developed a mobile first digital awareness training together. According to the new way of working, the first mobile training for HEINEKEN. As a result, all HEINEKEN colleagues worldwide have immediately experienced the benefits of this new way of working. Collaborate, learn, and activate.


During the online training, answers given by the users contributed not only to their own knowledge and development, but also to that of their colleagues worldwide. After submitting an answer, the answers that others had provided became visible. Some answers to assignments were shared on the social learning platform, which is directly linked to the training. Those answers were then used to, for example, start a discussion or as input for a wiki.

Gamification elementen binnen de Heineken training.


The assignments given in the training not only contributed to the collaboration between colleagues worldwide, but also ensured that users were being activated. It made them think about the consequences of digital developments in regard to their operating company, it prepared them for a pitch, it allowed them to share their own examples, and so on. In addition to the assignments, RMMBR and HEINEKEN have developed an additional working method to activate users: A game. A high-level game that measures the user’s knowledge, speed, and number of attempts. The test immediately shows you how you score compared to colleagues in your region.

Reflectie van de blended learning werkwijze van Heineken.

A true digital experience

How do you ensure that employees know what ‘digital’ means for HEINEKEN? How do you create excitement to work in a completely new way, the ‘digital ways of working’? And perhaps the most important question: how do you create the ultimate ‘digital’ learning experience, which immediately conveys the point as well? In collaboration with HEINEKEN, we made all employees aware of the possibilities that new technologies can bring. We made them ‘Digitally Aware’.

Agile feedback loops

This is what we’ve done, among other things, by working agile ourselves and by implementing feedback loops in the learning. Beforehand, the users were asked for input on which parts of a topic they wanted to know more, whether they had examples to share of which others could learn from. Consequently, at the end of each topic they were asked to reflect on their own skills and on the training. This feedback then got incorporated into the next one. This made users feel like they became a part of the training and digital transformation. They felt Digital is Now.