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Digital transformation

There is no stopping the digital train! The field of digitization is changing at a rapid pace and that does not only apply to tech companies. Wherever you are, wherever you work, data is everywhere.

What can you do?

How do you, as an organization, keep your employees aware of all possible opportunities, and all possible pitfalls in a digital world? How do you prepare professionals of all levels for a future in which tech and data are decisive? It is time to build your future proof digital team of professionals using a custom digital transformation learning program!

Data as a common thread

From data-driven organizations to data security and from tech innovations to artificial intelligence (AI): all these topics are relevant to the digital transformation of an organization. With data as the common thread, data is the revolution.

By connecting all these topics and new knowledge with the daily practice, the learner will be able to make connections, remember, and apply more quickly. Right now, we have already accumulated a large collection of case studies and clients who decided to embark on a digital transformation with us…

Een robot in een hal die in de camera kijkt.

Artificiële Intelligentie

Artificial intelligence or AI is the major technological development of our time. Some people say that AI will change the world even more than internet did. Not a bad idea to find out more about it! AI is included in our customized learning solution on digital transformation. Sometimes we offer learnings on AI in general, as part of e-learning, and sometimes applied completely on an organization with I.AMDigital (read more about our subsidiary).

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


Why a digital transformation?

Besides the fact that employees become more proficient with innovative technologies, you, especially as an organization, can benefit from it. Companies use the latest techniques to measure and improve their customer experiences, increase their productivity, and gain competitive advantage.

  • Only 3% of companies have completed available digital transformation projects. This means that it is easy to get one step ahead of the rest!
  • Research among executives shows that 90%(!) believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will become essential for the survival of their company in the next five years.