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New Ways of Working

Agile, lean, sprint, scrum… They may sound like buzzwords, but they are oh-so practical. That is why we also offer and use these approaches with customers who’d like us to. Short lines, a small number of hours, and fast results in just a few sessions. Quick changes and a transparent communication are a must to ensure that we quickly identify the problem and make sure to tackle it efficiently.

RMMBR medewerker die een focus sprint sessie verzorgt.

Improving soft skills

Improving soft skills

We develop learning solutions focused on hard skills or knowledge and we think along about teaching and improving soft skills, such as motivation and stimulation.

To learn to take the initiative, to show that making mistakes is part of it all, and that it is important to learn from the contributions of others… This includes all the essential skills within a social organization that not everyone naturally possesses.

In a virtual environment you can develop soft skills at your own pace. For example, you can learn to react faster in a constantly changing environment and to gain insight into new ways to approach different target groups. You will then be able put the acquired knowledge into practice.


Sprinting together

It may sound intimidating, a four-hour long online or offline meeting, but sometimes a focus sprint is exactly the solution a certain challenge needs. A focus sprint can take different shapes and forms: from a general consultancy session to figuring out all the details of an online platform. Whatever form the sprint takes, it always takes place in close collaboration with the customer and the user.

Therefore, we would say it is possible to call a series of sprints a relay race: together with the customer we look for suitable solutions, fill in the details, and process all the feedback once it is presented. This is how we constantly hand over the baton to the next runner to eventually arrive all together at the perfect learning solution.

Do not learn to work but learn from work.