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Agile Commercial Execution

The ACE Academy app offers much more than micro-learning and blended learning journeys.
It has been invented, designed, and developed ‘to uplift capabilities by creating one language’ and to build a joint skillset.

iPhone met mockup van het start scherm van de ACE Academy.

ACE Academy

The ACE Academy plays a central role in creating a learning culture in which everyone around the world can grow their commercial skills.

The Academy uses three important principles to support:

Leading edge digital learning opportunity
A mobile-first academy in which high quality content is offered within a clear structure.

A good educational foundation
Learning levels and learning activities are constructed according to a clear didactical structure that goes beyond simply knowing and understanding…

Taking the environment with you
In order to ensure that the learning culture will also be embraced on a global scale, we also develop a variety of tools. Tools to support managers but also tools for employees to help them put into practice all that they have learned.

Mockup van alle academies die zichtbaar zijn in de app

More than ACE

The app does not only offer its service to the ACE Academy. We now serve many more Academies:

My Insights
Procurement Campus
IT Academy
Mobile Academy
And our Digital Academy

It’s about bringing the learning in the business and the business in the learning.

Patricia van der Mooren