Take control of your future

The number 1 platform for learning, discovering, and personal growth at DPG Media.
You are in control of your own development, you want to learn, you want to get better, develop yourself personally, and grow in your career. That is all great but what’s next? How do you start? And where do you start?

At the DPG Academy of course!

Mock-ups van de DPG e-learning modules.


Designed and developed based on 4 principles: 


In all shapes and forms online, offline, and blended.
On your personal homepage, you will have a clear overview of all the available tools to enhance your skills and increase your knowledge. Everything is organized by relevance, by type of intervention, and plotted over time.


Of course, to learn what’s relevant for your career is great, but what if you want more? Or what if you want something different?
The DPG Academy gives you every opportunity to shape your own development. We aim to inspire you, but you can also actively search for yourself.


Control over your growth, that’s what we offer.
We provide you with insight into where you stand, what you have done so far, and what you are doing right now.
We also want to help you realize your ambitions. How? Just like in your work, with the use of targets.

…and completely customized.
Tailor-made, according to us, is about content and form.
It’s about a platform that feels like it was made just for you. With relevant content, based on data and tagging. With content that you select yourself, on your own personal page.
In addition, there are similar organizations within DPG Media with their own academy, with (partly) their own content, but with different house styles.

We guarantee that you will learn, you will be inspired, you will grow, and that you will determine. You will be in CONTROL!

Een mock-up van de module
Een mock-up van de pagina met artikelen binnen de DPG e-learning.

Under the hood

For the development of the DPG media Academy, RMMBR uses Blocks LXP.

This LXP is ‘the best of both worlds’. It uses reusable ‘blocks’, with features, structures, and a back-end. Combined with a customized front-end, logics and permissions, a completely unique concept per organization is made possible. A scalable format including the latest technology with a fully on-brand user experience.

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Een vrouw die buiten zit en kijkt naar een

“One of the reasons was that - from the beginning - they were constantly asking the right questions to find out what we were actually looking for.”

Pim Peters on why he chose us.