A Learning Experience Platform (LXP) offers the right content at the right time, fully focuses on the user and is completely on-brand. The user experience is optimized for both desktop and mobile and can be accessed anytime and anywhere by the employee and manager.

Why an LXP?

Professionals increasingly need to be able to quickly use the right knowledge in order to be able to do their (new) work effectively. We need a smart platform for this.

The content depends on the learning goals and previous performances of the employee, as well as the actual moment in time and the learning cycle. The employee and his or her learning needs are always central. This makes online learning even more efficient and effective. Dashboards show up-to-date insight into learning performances and support employees and managers with the performance cycle.

The LXP is the central place for all learning and development within an organization.

De metaverse

Personalized content and gamification

The platform is designed in such a way that every employee is offered personalized, relevant content. Content is therefore automatically determined based on data, such as previous test results or from the HRM system, or manually determined and prepared by a manager.

On our LXP the homepage shows recommended learning paths and ‘essentials’ that have been saved as favorites by the employee. The learning paths can, for example, consist of online self-studies, assignments, and offline interventions such as classic training courses.

The current knowledge is tested through ‘challenges’ and the ability to earn points. This makes up for a competitive element. Has an ‘essential’ or a learning path been successfully completed? A badge is earned and new relevant content is unlocked. These gamification type of elements reward the user and make learning fun.

A mobile mockup of a leaderboard from the Heineken LXP.

Dashboards provide insight into progress

The targeted development of employees is important for the success of an organization. Insight into the progress of employees is essential to ensure that the development process runs smoothly and according to plan.

The LXP collects data and generates real-time dashboards. It shows the progress of the employees in relation to the learning objectives or business KPIs. Employees can use this overview independently or together with their managers during the performance cycle. It can then be decided to adjust the development plans. This way you get the most out of learning.

Custom developed

For the development of an LXP, RMMBR uses Blocks.

Blocks-LXP is ‘the best of both worlds’. It uses reusable ‘blocks’, with features, structures, and a back-end. Combined with a custom front-end, some logic and rights, a unique personalized concept per organization is possible. A scalable format with the latest technology with a complete on-brand user experience.

Learn more or get in touch via: blocks-lxp.com