VodafoneZiggo Partner Academy

Boost your sales skills

Vodafone wants to have the best Sales Academy in the market, an attractive academy that provides employees of its business partners with product knowledge and helps them to grow in sales and personal skills. The objective? Growing results and satisfied Business Partners.

The challenge: “To boost the business partners’ sales skills using personalized learning paths within a new Vodafone Academy.”

Our solution

Vodafone salesmen are always on the go: they hunt for leads and get a kick out of closing the deal. Some of them are experienced experts, others are new to telecommunications or sales in general.

What employees need in terms of training therefore differs massively. To accommodate this and to create an adaptive and personalized learning experience for every employee, we have structured the Vodafone Business Partner Academy around several principles.

In a nutshell:

• Personalized learning paths based on data and challenges
• A mix of Challenges, Microlearnings, Quizzes and blended training
• A scalable Academy which Vodafone can use to quickly and easily publish new content
• Push notifications, scores, and incentives to continously trigger the target group
• A clear dashboard and reports on all possible levels

Een mock-up van de training “Meesterlijk onderhandelen”.


The target audience is being challenged within the Vodafone Academy. Where do you stand? How far have you progressed? What is your current level? And how do you compare to your colleagues? A mix of competition and scores. At the same time, we determine your level and provide you with the content that is most relevant to you.

Learning is the focal point of the Academy. The participants learn new things at their level, both theoretically and practically. Online we use micro-learnings and knowledge checks, offline we facilitate training sessions to guide the participants in their personal development and growth.

Constant improvement runs as a common thread through the entire concept. The participants will be able to continuously improve within their own specializations, but also outside of their specializations.

Het Challenge scores dashboard van de gebruiker Judith Heijtlager met daarop haar voortgang binnen de training.

Impressive Technology

A traditional LMS is not sufficient anymore to develop the best Academy in the market. Therefore, we developed a Blocks LXP including a custom and responsive front-end for the Vodafone Academy. This way we are able to set up an Academy that is not only user-friendly but also attractive, and capable of keeping the participant involved. We build the technology behind the Academy in a modular way with interchangeable, proven blocks that excel in what they were developed for.

Want to know more: check www.blocks-lxp.com

The model is based on a centralized data standard for account management and for defining content. We need that data to create the ultimate learning experience.

Een man in winterkleding op de top van een besneeuwde bergtop met daarop de scores van een gebruiker binnen de training mobility.

Blended learning paths

We offer hard-skilled learning paths that consist out of: Challenges, microlearning, knowledge checks and toolkits. All presented at your own level and only based on relevancy.

Next to our hardskill learning paths we also offer softskill blended learning paths that provide you with a combination of online and offline training. Now add reflection and a personal coach to the mix, and you will have the best possible learning experience with impact for the end user.

“I highly recommend working with RMMBR. They are very experienced, flexible, and not to mention, a great company to work with. They are a real key partner in learning for us."

Remco Kers