Volvo Truck Start

Enhancing the vehicle handover

To help people drive safer and more efficiently, and to provide a premium brand experience, Volvo Trucks is upgrading the delivery of a new truck with a learning app.

The online platform for dealers, owners, and drivers to learn more about their truck in a fun and interactive way. An award-winning project that we are proud of!

Het dashboard van de Volvo Trucks leerplatform.

A customer journey that took several weeks

Volvo Trucks are packed with smart technology to drive as safely and economically as possible. Making full use of such a truck takes time. That is why we took the drivers on a trip for a few weeks.

The journey starts with the basic information, then more and more new functions are added along the way. Not only by sharing engaging content, but also by incorporating challenges that encourage users to learn and experiment with new behaviors. “It’s your truck, so it’s about your experience.”

Watch the trailer for the app below.

Voorbeeld van de Volvo truck app.

Through virtual “glasses”

The journey begins even before the driver actually owns his new truck. The driver can already discover every nook, cranny, and curve of the exterior via a 3D model of the truck.

But don’t forget the interior! By means of a 360 VR video, the driver can take a virtual seat in his new truck and experience how it feels like.

Data driven

What is special is that the data from this learning app (xApi) and the vehicle management system are stored in the same database (LRS) and are visible in the users’ dashboards. With the learning scores from the app, users can make correlations through “Fuel Efficiency scores”. This is how benchmarks are created.

To improve the score of the fleets, the truck drivers can also receive a push message. After all, a higher “efficiency score” means a lower ecological footprint and lower maintenance costs.

This enhances the image of the truck, the dealer, and ultimately of the entire Volvo brand. The app supports and trains drivers to make full use of their truck.

SME Volvo Trucks


Gamified learning, that’s what the app is all about. Smart use of gamification enhances the learning procedure. Therefore, it is not only fun, but also very useful. The user has to earn points in order to collect trophies and tips & tricks. The faster they play, the higher the streak of correct answers, the more points the user can earn.

Voorbeeld van de gamification weergave binnen de Volvo app.